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About Me

My name is Fergus O'Sullivan. I studied psychology and trained as an actor, so I am uniquely positioned to help you write and deliver your wedding speech. With my psychological background, I know how to listen to what you want; help you find the right words to express yourself and make it a stress-free experience. As an actor, I understand what it’s like to speak in public and how to make your nerves a strength, not a weakness.

I want to help you in this process because, I believe opportunities to say how we really feel are rare, and that often we're bad at seizing them. I learnt young with my dad’s death that once someone is gone, there isn’t another chance to say these things. There isn’t a better gift, or a more memorable one, than telling someone how you really feel about them.

My philosophy is that every speech should be as unique as the person delivering it. You are the special ingredient to your speech. Your stories, your honesty and your humour are what's gonna make this speech a success, and I am here to get the best out of you. Your speech won't be finished until you are completely happy with it, and I won't send you out with something that you don’t feel confident with.

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