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Wedding Speech Writer And Delivery Coach

Helping You Find The Perfect Words

Publicly speaking about your feelings isn't an everyday thing; it's natural to be nervous. I'm here to help you get the laughter, applause and admiration, of everyone in the room.


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About Me

My name is Fergus O'Sullivan. I studied psychology and trained as an actor, so I am uniquely positioned to help you write and deliver your speech. With my psychological background, I know how to listen to what you want; help you find the right words to express yourself and make it a stress-free experience. As an actor, I understand what it’s like to speak in public and how to make your nerves a strength, not a weakness.

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What I Offer

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Bespoke Wedding Speech

A bespoke wedding speech, written just for you, that you can proudly deliver on the day. It will be created using material from a relaxed consultation call with you, so I can get to know you and capture your voice for the speech. Each speech will be as unique as the person giving it.

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Speech Delivery Coaching

A one-to-one coaching session, designed to help you overcome any nerves, so you can confidently deliver an amazing speech that the guests will be praising you for.  For many people, writing the speech is only half the battle. In this session, I will build your confidence and give you techniques to help you use your nerves, rather than let them control you.

"Everything I wanted to say was swimming around in my head but Fergus gave my speech structure. He made it flow. He made sure it had balance and asked all the right questions, knowing I had the answers, to help me get it down on paper. The speech went down a hit at the wedding. I'm so glad I went through the writing process with Fergus. It was a real confidence boost for such a nerve-wracking task and I highly recommend him to help you with yours!"

Edi Gosney

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